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The definition of sedation dentistry is all about pharmacological agents that are given to patients to completely calm them down during a dental appointment. This is because a lot of dental patients are afraid of having to see a dentist and to have to go through any kinds of dental procedures. These fears are usually related to what is commonly known as being a dental phobia and it is the very thing that prevents people from seeing a dentist as regularly as they should. There is about 30% of the population that refuses to go to a dentist because of this phobia and it is something that ends up affecting the health and overall function of their mouth and smile overall.
Sedation dentistry is the one thing that is administered to dental patients who are afraid or are nervous about their dental appointment. Therefore, it is used to give these patients a means to attain an end, and this end is for them to feel totally calm and anxiety-free in every way about having to see their dentist for a dental procedure or whatever else they may require for treatment. This is something that helps to make dental care not only safe and effective for the patient. It also is to help make the entire experience as anxiety free and comfortable as is humanly possible. These pharmacological agents are usually referred to as being a class of drugs that are known as sedatives and they are used to depress the central nervous system. They also are able to concern themselves specifically with consciousness awareness too.

The sedatives that are put of the sedation dentistry scene do include tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medications, nitrous oxide, and other forms of drugs that are designed with sedation in mind. The main purpose behind the use of sedation dentistry is not only to provide the dental patient with a relaxing experience, but also to lessen the presence of pain for them too. Sedation dentistry keeps the whole dental office visit a thing that doesn't have a whole lot of fear or trauma connected to it at all. This is because the sedatives that are administered do help to keep dental patients calm and not going through any scare or anxiety. However, sedation dentistry does make sure that each patient is alert, and is able to respond directly to both verbal and physical stimulation.

Sedation dentistry is something that has surely grown and changed into something very different over the course of time. There now is a lot more different methods for sedation and these methods go far beyond just the traditional laughing gas and Ivs. The newer methods now are something that is turning oral sedation dentistry into an experience that is totally relaxing and peaceful in every way. This is because the new practices connected with it don't involve any needles being injected into patients. Patients are required to maintain a certain level of consciousness during dental treatments. However, the medications that are given to them, can and do make them feel very calm and euphoric. It's almost like being asleep while still being awake. Therefore, all is good, with this wonderful thing called sedation dentistry.

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