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First of all, before it is discussed what a gummy smile treatment is a detail. Let's discuss what a gummy smile is. What is a gummy smile? It is no other than a real oral condition where a person displays a much larger than average amount of gum tissue whenever they do smile. The appearance of one's upper teeth can feel totally lost by this excessive gum tissue. This gingival tissue is known as being a gummy smile. It is something that can disrupt the whole esthetics of a smile and make a person feel like not smiling at all.

What causes this gummy smile? A gummy smile is an abnormal growth of excessive gum tissue. It can be caused by a variety of different things. Some of these different things do include the following. This abnormal growth of gum tissue can be the result of teeth erupting abnormally. Any teeth that are covered by an excess growth of gum tissue can look as if they are very short to the human eye. This gummy smile can serve to unsettle the person who has it and that is not a good thing. He or she can suffer from embarrassment, low self-esteem, and even self-consciousness. A gummy smile can also be caused by a very hyperactive upper lip muscle, hyperplasia due to different medications such as Dilantin, Cyclosporine, and other calcium channel blocks that vary in number. It can also be attributed to genetic factors and metabolic disorders. Another thing that can cause this excessive overgrowth of gingival tissue is due to inflammation that can be associated with poor oral hygiene, dental restorations that are faulty in the description, and also gum disease. One more thing that can promote a gummy smile is the particular manner in which the upper jaw bone did grow and develop.

gummy smile treatment sherman oaks

There are many different treatments out there for a gummy smile. If you believe that you may have a gummy smile. You need to go to a good dentist to confirm that you do have this condition and try to look at various treatments for it that are available. Some of the gummy smile treatments for gummy smile can range greatly. Since gummy smiles can be a different one from the other. The kind of treatment that is applied to a gummy smile by a highly qualified dentist does depend on the gummy smile scale. The gummy smile scale for types of gummy smiles can go from being mild to moderate to advanced to severe in the description. Therefore, the gummy smile treatment is something totally left up to the attending dentist for your gummy smile. These treatments can include a gingivectomy and a gingivectomy is a very simple type of dental surgical procedure. It is mostly used to correct gummy smile that is mild. Some of the other treatments for a gummy smile do include lip lowering surgery, crown lengthening surgery, orthodontics braces, surgical sculpting, maxillofacial surgery, and same day laser surgery treatment for mild cases.
No matter what kind of gummy smile you may have. It is crucial that you get your smile fixed right away so you can feel good about yourself and smile without feeling bad about smiling. Therefore, you should visit our doctor who the leading expert in bummy smile treatment in Sherman Oaks. He is the best dentist from all the rest for one reason and that one reason is this. He knows exactly how to handle all sorts of dental procedures to get people to smile healthy again. Let him help you with your gummy smile and offer the best gummy smile treatment to help you smile happily once more.