Full Mouth Reconstruction


full mouth reconstruction Sherman Oaks

Full Mouth Reconstruction Sherman Oaks


Every individual would love to have a set of pearly whites. As a matter of fact, it is everyone's desire to have a healthy mouth with perfectly white teeth. Although, because of several unforeseen circumstances, the test of time when people become older and their teeth began to fall out , or experience injuries, more often than not, they wind up having teeth which are seriously damaged and suffers excruciating pain in the jaws. Worse case scenario, some even lose their teeth. Full mouth reconstruction is regarded as the most in-demand dental services that is a state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry which is often used to reconstruct the teeth and retain its natural charm. It aims to fully restore all the teeth, bones, and surrounding tissues within the oral cavity. For those who feel self conscious about their not so pearly white teeth that they need to cover their mouth nearly all the time when they talk or smile in front of their peers, then a full mouth reconstruction would be the ideal solution for you.

Full mouth reconstruction may seem to be a very complex procedure. On the contrary, it is merely a combination of certain cosmetic dentistry treatments that aid in reconstructing the entire mouth area as well as the performance of teeth and gums. The procedure is very basic and can be easily conducted if the whole operation is done in a particular manner. Furthermore, presenting the complete information to the dental patient is needed in order to prepare him for the procedure. The process consists of several phases and methods to fix the damaged and broken teeth as well as chipped bite position too. Similar to other treatments, this procedure will vary for every patient and their associated dental problem.

The Procedure

Full-mouth reconstruction could not be conducted on damaged gums. That's the reason why a thorough evaluation of the patient's oral cavity should be carried out to ensure that the teeth and gums are in good shape. If they're not, remedies must be offered to improve the teeth, gums, and bite prior to the dental procedure. The gums should be strong enough to support full mouth reconstructive dentistry.

After that, the patient's bite is analyzed. Without an accurate bite, mastication might be the cause of an impaired teeth, or the oral cavity could become damaged, the jaw and neck could become inflamed, and even severe headaches can occur. The appointed doctor examines and assesses the bite to see whether the teeth are snapping traumatically unlike the others. He additionally checks to ascertain whether the teeth are flared or if the teeth are worn down or appearing shorter due to defective bites.

As soon as the bite is aligned correctly, a number of various dental procedures can be exercised to accentuate the smile. These treatments include: porcelain veneers, veneer on lays (to correct the bite), dental implants (if needed), and porcelain crowns & bridges.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

The supplementary benefits of a full-mouth reconstruction aside from giving a wholesome, visually pleasing smile is, it also enhances the radiant appearance of the face giving the patient more confidence and a boost in self-esteem. Patients also claim a natural "face-lift" after the treatment, since the structure of the mouth can make such an impact on the appearance of the face.
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