Dental Filling

Cavities in the teeth can be a great deal of a nuisance. They are caused by bacterial infection and can lead to a lot of pain to the patient. One of the most effective ways to deal with cavities involves having the dentist insert material into the cavity. This process is known as filling and prevents the cavities from extending further by preventing exposure to bacteria. Most dentists are able to carry out this dental procedure. The charges depend on the location of the teeth to be filled. Teeth at the back of the mouth, morals, are charged more due to the complexity in having it filled. Dental filling avoids one the trouble in having the tooth removed as this can result in the loosening of the adjacent teeth eventually leading to their removal. The filling material does not last forever and the process has to be redone occasionally. This, though, is not a big issue considering the trouble filing saves the victim.
Different materials are used in filling depending on how much money the patient will be willing to part with. It also depends on the location of the tooth in question. The most common types of filling are the composite fillings and the amalgam fillings. Amalgam filling is more recommended for teeth at the back due to the fact that more force is experienced back there as one bites down food. This is because amalgam fillings are made from metals hence forming a very strong material. These types of fillings also last longer than the composite ones.

Composite fillings are preferred by some people because they are less visible compared to the silver amalgam fillings. Nobody what's a type of filling that is obviously noticeable especially for their laughing teeth. They are therefore preferred to Almagam ones due to their aesthetic value rather than durability. Composite fillings hold onto the tooth more firmly compared to amalgam fillings. Because of this reason, dentists are forced to widen the tooth at the base of the cavity to ensure that the filling holds onto the teeth much longer than it would if the filling was just done normally as in composite filling

The procedure is pretty simple as long as the patient does not get nervous. The patient has to be comfortable as well as remain calm as the dentist applies the anesthetic to do away with pain. While most people find it scary to have the doctor inject them in the mouth, it is a pretty painless procedure and takes just a less than five minutes.

The dentist might have to use a bite block in case the patient is restless. This ensures than the mouth remains wide open. The tooth decay is then removed, washed and the cavity is dried. The filling is then applied.
The filling is then compacted and carved to appear like a tooth, after which the dentist will have the patient bite down between a carbon sheet of paper so as to see find pout whether the filling is too high.
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