Dental Crown

Dental Crown Sherman Oaks


Dental crown Sherman Oaks


A tooth shaped cap that is put over a tooth to protect the tooth to bring back its size, shape, strength, and makes its appearance look better is called a dental crown. They fully encase the whole visible section of a tooth that lies above and at the gumline when it is cemented into place. A dental crown may be needed for the following situations:

  • To secure a dental bridge in place
  • To support and protect a tooth with a huge filling when there is not a lot of the tooth left
  • To bring back a tooth that has been seriously worn down or a tooth that has already broken
  • To secure together parts of a cracked tooth to cover a weak tooth
  • To make a cosmetic adjustment
  • To protect a dental implant
  • To protect seriously crooked or discolored teeth

A crown may be used on primary teeth or baby teeth for children in order to:

  •  Reduce the frequency of sedation and general anesthesia for kids unable to completely cooperate with the needs of appropriate dental care because of their medical history, behavior, or age.
  •  Cover the teeth of a child that is at high risk of tooth decay, especially when a child has a hard time keeping up with hygiene everyday. 
  •  Save a tooth that cannot support a filling because of damage by tooth decay.

A pediatric dentist may suggest a stainless steel crown in these situations.

Dental Crown in Sherman Oaks CA

Types Of Crowns Available

Stainless steel, all ceramic, all resin, porcelain fused to metal, all metal such alloy or gold are materials that permanent crowns can be comprised of. Here are some of the different types of crowns available: Stainless steel – These are crowns that are prefabricated. Primarily, it is a temporary measure used on permanent teeth. The permanent crown is created from another material while the crown covers the tooth or the filling. For kids, a stainless steel crown is generally used to cover a primary tooth. It has been prepared to fit it. To protect the whole tooth from further decay, the crown covers it. When the primary tooth comes out, it makes space for the permanent tooth to come in. Naturally, the crown comes in with it. In general, stainless steel crowns are used for children's teeth. These are used because with these types of crowns, numerous visits are not needed. They are also more cost-efficient than custom-made crowns. Prophylactic dental are required to cover a tooth without a crown is more cost effective as well.

Metals – These are used in crowns that contain gold alloy, a base metal alloy, or other alloys. With metal crowns, less tooth structure needs to be removed. Tooth wear is kept to a minimum to opposing teeth. They can withstand chewing and biting forces very well. In terms of wear down, metals probably last the longest. They seldom break or chip. The main drawback is the metallic color. They area good selection for out of sight molars. All resin – These are the least expensive than any other type of crown. They are more prone to fractures and they do wear down over time.

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