Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Sherman-Oaks

Dental Bridge Sherman Oaks


The dental bridge derives its name quite literally. When a person is missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge bridges the gap caused by the missing teeth. On either end of a bridge sits two crowns with one or more false teeth filling in the gaps. A person’s existing teeth are used to anchor the bridge to keep it in place, creating the clean look of a mouth full of teeth.Dentists use a variety of materials to create bridges. Patients can choose from gold, porcelain, alloys or any combination of the three different materials from which to create their bridge. The purpose of a bridge is to improve a patient’s overall look by improving his or her smile, hiding the existence of missing teeth and providing patients with the ability to speak clearly and chew food adequately.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits associated with obtaining a dental bridge is the fact that a patient’s confidence level and self-esteem rises dramatically with the inclusion of these new teeth. Missing teeth come with the stigma that a person has neglected dental health, cannot afford to have dental work done or that they are of a low social class. The inclusion of a bridge can help a patient feel more confident, causing them to smile more and feel less embarrassment over their appearance.

The traditional bridge is the most used type of bridge. However, some patients approach the dentist with existing teeth on only one side of their missing teeth, creating the need for cantilever bridges. A Maryland bonded bridge is one that is affixed to a patient’s mouth by metal framework. These bridges are made of plastic teeth and gums. If you are a dental patient seeking quality dental bridges in Sherman Oaks, our doctor can help you fix your smile and regain your confidence. Dr. Siman is an experienced dentist who has been helping patients build their self-esteem for years. With our doctor’s help, you can have a breathtaking smile in no time.